Photo by Danny Jacobs

Goals achieved:

- Accurate, 0.1 mm resolution. Results are rounded and available in millimeters. 

- Review of landing point on the pad.

- AMpaD training aiming area flat without wires or connections.

- Flexible.

- Complete computerized operation.

- ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection.

The AMpaD training is made of conductive and non-conductive fabric. Inside the pad is a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller to control the pads sensor and output the results on a PC/laptop or Android Device.

The multilayer sensor is made of highly conductive Cu/Ni nylon Ripstop and Piezoresistive fabric to determine distance and direction from the center of the pad and to make the sensor flexible.

The conductive Ripstop is also used to create a static discharge layer to prevent static electricity entering the sensor and/or microcontroller giving a false reading or shutting down the microcontroller.

The yellow Dead Center Disc is an glued inlay in the center of the top cover. 

When the microcontroller is powered through the USB cable a program starts that will constant monitor the pad as long as power is available. Output is Serial. There are also input options to select, for example, reset time, Dead Center choice (1cm or 2cm disk), etc. 

A few selections are stored in the microcontroller memory (EEPROM) and loaded during startup. Also necessary when rotating your Android device, Android basically restarts the app and also the microcontroller inside the pad. 

The free available Android app gives all necessary information and can be used to make selections for out- and indoor operations.

App-developers can build there own apps, with the request to share these apps with other users.

Specifications AMpaD training:

DC 1 cm, max measuring 9cm

DC 2 cm, max measuring 8cm

ESD protection

Teensy 3.2 

    32 bit ARM-Cortex-M4

Serial output

    Baud rate 115200


  7, 8 or 9 //pad type identifier

  150  // score in millimeter x 10

  90  // touchpoint in degrees

  777  // not yet in use

  888  // not yet in use


KvK. 73482153