The AMpaD training is now for sale.  If you want order information please Email for possibilities.

I have limited production capabilities. As soon as production starts orders will receive an estimate delivery time. When the pad is ready for shipment you will receive a email with payment request. 

Keep in mind that the AMpaD training originally was designed for eye-foot coordination training, high velocity landings on the pad might damage the microcontroller or the connection with the sensor.

When placed on a tuffet make sure the pad can freely move/slide during landings, this reduces the stress on the pad and its interior. Use appropriate elastic-bands (optional order item).

Warranty information:

To make the AMpaD training accessible for many athletes its important to keep the price and costs as low as possible. Therefore extended warranty will not be possible. Of course after sale service, after my reviewing, will be provided but definitively will be canceled when self-troubleshooting took place.


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