AMpaD is developed for the classic discipline Accuracy Landing in Sport Parachuting.


The AMpaD competition is not yet for sale.

The AMpaD training is available for sale

Training app UPDATE Version 2.3 

AMpaD competition

a combination of TargetPad with optional NeutralizingPad, TargetPad-Controller, Ultrasonic Anemometer and wireless multicolor Matrix-Display. Used as a landing target which registrates and displays wind information and the first landing point on the TargetPad during a competition. 

AMpaD training, pad designed for eye-foot coordination training. Includes free Android-App for visualization of detailed touch-location. Keep track on your training progress.

The AMpaD training can also be used for “actual” landings on a tuffet. But this might reduce live-time.

AMpaD : Automatic Measuring precision landing Device.

Photo by Richard Meijer

Outdoor, direct 



Indoor, with detailed touch-location.


In Accuracy Landing competitions, first landing contact is determined and measured with an Automatic Measuring Device (AMD). 

According regulations this AMD must have a Dead Center Disk (DCD, the yellow dot) of 2 cm. The AMD measures up till 16 cm from the DCD.

A larger, underlying, neutralizing pad can be added to determine if first contact took place outside the AMD. When this neutralizing pad was hit first, or landing is outside the target, the maximum score, mostly 16 cm, is given.


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